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Social Security Information

Why is an original document required in order for me to legally work on campus?

The requirement that you present an original document in order to work on campus is not a University of Richmond requirement, but a federal Department of Homeland Security requirement. Every new employee in the United States is required to present original documentation to meet form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) requirements when starting a new job. Check the list of original documents that you can use to meet the I-9 (one item from column one or one item from columns two and three each).

What if I don't have any of those documents with me or I lost my Social Security card?

If you did not bring your passport, birth certificate or social security card to campus with you, contact your parents or guardians and ask them to mail one of the original document to you. If you feel that this is not an option, you can apply for a free replacement card from the local Social Security Office. With the receipt that the Social Security Administration gives you, you can start working as soon as you return to Student Employment with your receipt and complete the rest of your paperwork.

You may apply for a free replacement Social Security card at any Social Security Administration office. The office closest to campus is located at 1834 W. Cary Street (about 15 minutes from campus). 

How can I start working today if I don't have any of the I-9 documents with me?

Apply for a free replacement social security card at the local Social Security Administration. The office will give you a receipt stating that you have applied for a replacement Social Security card. Bring this receipt to the Office of Financial Aid, as it may be used to work (no more than 90 days) while you wait for your new card to arrive. Then when you receive your new Social Security card (in about two weeks), you must bring it to the Office of Financial Aid to complete your employment requirements.

If I've used the social security receipt in lieu of the social security card for the I-9, do I have to wait to begin working until I have my original Social Security card?

No, you can start working with the receipt as soon as you have completed your paperwork in the Office of Financial Aid (or Payroll if you are an international student). This receipt is only good for a max of 90 days. They will give you a Release to Work form to give to your supervisor notifying them that you are approved for work on campus. When your original card arrives in the mail, bring it into Office of Financial Aid. If you have not come in with your original card within 90 days, you will be terminated for failing to meet your I-9.

Getting to the Social Security Office

To get to the Social Security office, turn right onto Three Chopt Road from the main University entrance. Turn left onto Cary Street Road. The office is past Carytown at the intersection of Cary Street and Granby Street at 1834 W. Cary Street.

Or, for information on taking the bus, see the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) bus schedule, Route 16 (see GRTC website for the most up to date schedule).  You would get off at Granby and walk south to Cary Street.