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Payroll Information and Schedules

All hourly student employees (except for food services) enter their time on Bannerweb's Web Time Entry (WTE) system. Follow these WTE instructions for entering your time once you have been approved to work. Bannerweb will be available once your supervisor submits the job request and it is approved by student employment. Keep track of your hours until Bannerweb is available—it should be available within one week of work approval.

Students are required to enter and submit their time by 10 a.m. on the applicable Monday following a pay period. The supervisor is then required to approve the time by noon on that same Monday.

If you missed a deadline and have late time to submit for a previous pay period, you must fill out a Late Paper Timesheet for each payroll period for which time was not submitted on time. Submit the paper timesheets to your supervisor who will approve and then forward to Payroll for payment. It is important that you submit your time bi-weekly. Federal regulations require that FWS students must be paid within one month of working.  Therefore it is imperative that all time be submitted on time.

Please make note of the various deadlines for each pay period using legend at the bottom of the Student Employment Payroll Schedule.

Payroll Schedule

Check the Student Employment Payroll Calendar for information on deadlines to submit and approve student time.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit to your checking or savings account (anywhere in the United States) is now available. Sign up through Payroll or online through the Menu Option in BannerWeb.