National Student Employee of the Year Award

The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) sponsors a program for a Student Employee of the Year Award(SEOTY). Nominations are due to the University of Richmond Office of Student Employment by February 15, 2021 in order for us to review the applications and announce a campus winner in early March. Nominations then move on the state, regional, and national level.

During National Student Employment week (April 12-18), we will recognize the winner and all campus nominees. 

What is SEOTY?
Each spring, NSEA coordinates a selection process and chooses the National Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) to recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who work while attending college.

SEOTY during COVID-19 (2021)

Due to the unusual circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic, the SEOTY committee with support from the poll held at NSEA conference, decided to honor multiple students.  We will not have a National winner for Student Employee of the Year for 2021. No monetary awards will be issued for 2021.  With so many changes at all of our institutions and many students and colleagues losing their positions, we feel it's best to celebrate more than one student. 

Instead of the usual form, they have simplified the process by requiring a one page submission letter highlighting the student’s accomplishments. Please consider the National Association of Colleges and Employers' (NACE) Competencies list as a reference guide for criteria you might include in your one page letter about the student's performance. Please submit nomination letter to Caitie Hoeckele in the Office of Student Employment.

Campus Recognition

Last year was the first time the University of Richmond participated in the SEOTY program. Our winner received a certificate and some UR swag! All of our worthy finalists were also recognized on the Student Employment website all year, and the innitial anouncement appeared in Spiderbytes. More information on how this program will be implemented for the second time on the University of Richmond campus will be coming soon! Be sure to check back here for more details.