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Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)

An Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) must be completed in Bannerweb for each student you hire in an hourly position. The EPAF is used to notify Student Employment that you are hiring a student and where the student will be charged to. Each index on campus has a Student Employment Supervisor that has access to submit EPAFs. Please contact your department's Student Employment Supervisor prior to hiring a new student.  If you will need access to EPAFs, email Mike Pagano.

Directions for creating a new EPAF, completing a Termination EPAF, and FAQ's can be found in the Student Employment EPAF Guide. The guide also provides a list of common EPAF errors and steps to resolve these errors.

You do not need complete a new EPAF every semester for students returning to their positions.  Positions remain open over summer and holidays, as long as you have not terminated the student or their student status did not go inactive. Refer to your current roster to determine if a students job is currently active.  If you would like an updated roster of all of your active students, send an email to Mike Pagano.  If you would like access to run your own rosters, send an email with your name, user id, and index number, requesting access to PPXSTORG, to Mike Pagano.

Be sure to note the payroll deadlines when submitting your EPAFs so your student employee can be paid as soon as possible after beginning work.