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  • How much do the UR student jobs on campus pay?

    Our student on-campus jobs have two different wage rate levels which are listed in the table below. The greater the responsibility or skills required, the higher the rate of pay. In addition, students working on the student payroll during the academic year are exempt from FICA taxes (Social Security/Medicare taxes, normally 7.65%), which means more money in your biweekly paycheck.

    The pay rates are as follows:

    Wage Rate Level Rates
    Level I $12.00 - $14.00
    Level II $13.00 - $15.00
  • How do I find a job on campus?

    For a description of the various ways to locate jobs on campus, please refer to the section titled How to Apply for a Job.

  • I am a student at another university. Can I work under the Student Employment Program at the University of Richmond?

    Only students enrolled at the University of Richmond in any of the academic schools are eligible to work through the student employment program, as long as they are enrolled on at least a half-time basis (usually six credit hours or 1.75 units) and seeking a degree. Students in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies must be admitted to an academic program (according to the School of Professional and Continuing Studies admission policy) before they are eligible to work through the student employment program.

    One exception to this enrollment requirement is for students working during the summer payroll period. These students do not have to be enrolled in summer classes as long as they were properly enrolled at UR during the previous spring semester or are properly enrolled for the following fall semester.

  • I found a job, but I don’t have my Social Security card. What should I do?

    An original Social Security card can be used to meet two separate employment requirements—a Department of Homeland Security requirement and an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirement.

    The Department of Homeland Security accepts an original Social Security card (& ID) as one of the document combinations you can use to prove your eligibility to work in the U.S. You may also use a variety of other original documents such as an original U.S. passport or an original birth certificate & ID to meet this INS requirement.

    If you do not have the proper documentation on campus you can request a replacement Social Security Card from the Social Security Administration (SSA). This can be done at the local Social Security Office on Cary St. in Richmond (directions), or online through the Social Security Administration website if you have a drivers license from one of the following states:

    If you are eligible to request a replacement Social Security Card online you will need to login/create a My Social Security Account directly from the Social Security Administration. Please only use the following link from the Social Security Administration and do not use any other websites or internet searches:

    Applying for a replacement card is free and easy, and you usually have your new card within a few weeks. If you need to start working right away, you can present the receipt that the Social Security Administration gives you to receive temporary work approval for 90 days and then return with the original card once you receive it.

  • Can I get direct deposit for my student paycheck?

    Yes. You can sign up for Direct Deposit electronically on the Employee tab in BannerWeb. Once you submit your request for direct deposit, electronic deposit begins with your second paycheck.

  • I’ve worked on campus before. Do I have to fill out paperwork again for my new job?

    No. You only need to complete the payroll paperwork one time while you are a student at the University of Richmond. Your supervisor just needs to submit an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) in Bannerweb to Student Employment to inform them of your new job.

  • I do not have UR financial aid. Can I still work on campus?

    Yes. The University of Richmond offers student employment opportunities to all students, regardless of whether you are receiving financial aid. The University Work Program (UWP) is for students who are not receiving need-based financial aid. Jobs are not guaranteed, but with perserverance, most students are able to find jobs. Learn more about the two student employment programs.

  • I’m an international student. Can I work on campus?

    International students are eligible to work on campus under the University Work Program, but must first contact the Office of International Education for an authorization letter. This letter not only indicates that your visa allows you to work on campus, but also stipulates the number of hours you may work each week. The steps for being approved as a student employee are outlined in the international student section of this website. Once you receive a Release to Work form, you can start your new position.

  • Can I have more than one on-campus job and how many hours can I work?

    The University of Richmond does not limit the number of jobs you may hold or the number of hours you may work. However, you should consider your academic and co-curricular commitments carefully when deciding the number of jobs/hours you can work. Student Employment recommends less than 20 hours per week while in school. International students are limited to 20 hours per week, as required by their visa and stated in their letter from International Education.

  • I’ve received federal work-study funds as part of my financial aid package. Is there a limit to how much money I can make?

    There is a specific limit to the amount of money you may earn under Federal Work Study. That amount will be specified in your financial aid award letter. Once you have reached that earnings limit you are eligible to work under the University Work Program (UWP). If your employer has UWP funds available at the time you reach your earnings limit, you may continue to work in your same job. Student Employment will simply switch you to UWP funding. However, if your employer does not have UWP funds available at that time, you will have to look for a new job under the University Work Program.