UR Student Employee of the Year Award

The Office of Student Employment would like to recognize this year's University of Richmond Student Employee of the Year!

There were seven outstanding nominees, so it was difficult to choose just one winner from among them. We are proud to announce that Katelyn Wing of the Office of Events and Support Services has won the Student Employee of the Year Award for 2021-2022! Congratulations to Katelyn and all of the worthy nominees this year.


Katelyn Wing, Winner

Senior ECSS Office Assistant, Office of Events and Support Services

"I think Katelyn’s most notable accomplishment over the last year has been... Katelyn volunteered for additional responsibilities to work on Commencement 2021, the first major in person event during the Pandemic. ... Commencement in a usual year is a long and tough work, but to navigate this completely uncharted territory was next level, and she rose to the challenge. This translated into a lot of on-site problem solving – and Katelyn was there to help. This included but in no way was limited to – invention and creation of a complete cross-campus signage plan for guests and graduates for double locations, leading the student charge for running and demonstrating an in-person walk through for senior leadership and student award winners, and problem-solving physical distancing for two different stage set ups. I did not assign a student manager this particular year, but Katelyn took the reins. One of my favorite things to watch was not only Katelyn doing an amazing job during commencement – but continuously mentioning things we can learn for future years, taking notes and sharing along the way. This is invaluable to me as an event manager, but also to future Commencement Student Assistants who follow in her footsteps...

Having served a consistent role in Events and Support Services for the last 3.5 years (longer than many of our current full-time staff) she is also one of those students who can recall previous institutional knowledge and transfer that to solve current problems. An amazingly important asset."

-David Donaldson, Rethink Waste Manager


Fellow Nominees:

Chris Schoen, Digital Media Asset Assistant, Nominated by Katie McBride


Anna Postma, Student Operations Assistant, Nominated by Dianne St. John


Aerin Kalmans, Executive Manager of Tour Guide Leadership Team, Nominated by Brian Wiora


Jake Holm, Intern and Lead Office Assistant, Nominated by Kelli Parks


Rachel Decker, Clinical Assistant, Nominated by Slade Gormus


Reda Ansar, Global Studio Manager, Nominated by Michael Marsh-Soloway