With more than 140 offices and departments hiring student employees, it is important to understand the role of the hiring supervisor. Below are highlights of several areas that seem to generate the most questions from student supervisors. Please use the topics below and in the sidebar as a reference when you are working to meet your student employment needs.

The Student Employment Supervisor's Manual covers the subjects below, as well as others, in a more in-depth manner. The Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF), available via Bannerweb, is the method used for hiring and terminating all hourly student positions. If you are a new student employment supervisor and need access to submit EPAFs, please email us to request access. The EPAF Guide provides instructions for completing a new EPAF, requesting a wage rate change EPAF and submitting a termination EPAF. FAQ's and resolutions to common EPAF errors can also be found in the guide.

Many of the policies that guide student employment practices are the same as those that guide University staff practices. Supervisors should refer to the HR Staff Guidelines and Policies for guidance on these policies. Of particular note, supervisors should review policies regarding harassment and discrimination, equal opportunity, affirmative action, counseling and disciplinary procedures. Students do not receive benefits, so none of those areas and policies will apply.

Please contact Student Employment at 289-8438 or email Caitie Hoeckele if you have any questions about these or any related areas.