Summer Employment for Student Employees

If you intend to hire students (enrolled at Richmond at least 1/2 time and seeking a degree) to perform any services for pay during the summer, they must be processed as student employees. For Summer, recent May graduates may continue to work as students until the end of the last pay period before fall classes begin as long as they are US Citizens or Permanent Residents. Graduating international students and exchange students cannot work as student employees after the last day of exams.

The summer employment period for 2022 will run from May 1st through August 20th. Student's may work a maximum of 40 hours per week during the summer. If you intend to have your student employees work during the summer, you will need to complete a summer employment Electronic Personnel Action Forms. You will just use the regular process of STHRLY and then pick the next available number for the new position and they must have a pay rate of at least $11.00. Federal Work Study is not available during the summer, so all of these positions should use UWP and account code 6311. Remember that we are using the new two-tier wage rate structure now. Please note there are no automatic summer pay rate increases but supervisors may submit an Hourly Rate Change EPAF to set a new wage rate at any time. 

While remote work may be an option when necessary during the summer months, please note that the student must be residing within the U.S. If you have a new student employee with a start date on or after May 1, 2022, please complete a summer EPAF for their employment. If you have a student who will be working within Virginia in the summer and they are already set up in Banner at the desired wage rate you do not need to do anything. If you have a student who will be working remotely from outside Virginia and within the U.S., this is a new job: you must complete a summer EPAF for them, including “RMT” at the start of the job title.I f they will be working from a location outside the state of Virginia, they must contact Caitie Hoeckele to inquire about completing taxation forms for the state in which the work will be completed. These students may also need to be paid more than $11.00 if the minimum wage rate in the state they will be working from is higher. It is the responsibility of the student employee’s supervisor to be aware of where the student will be working from and to facilitate compliance with these policies. 

Students hired for their first University job to work remotely during the summer must complete pre-employment paperwork in-person before they leave campus; specifically the I-9, which contains a federal requirement that we view their unexpired, original document(s) from the list of acceptable I-9 documents in person in order for their I-9 to be complete. If you receive an error when trying to submit an EPAF that says “ID is not defined as an employee”, then this student has not yet completed paperwork. If you are unsure whether or not a student has completed paperwork already, please contact Caitie Hoeckele in the Financial Aid office.

In regard to procedure for hiring summer workers, you will need to complete a few additional steps to complete the set-up process for your student employment position(s) and some of the steps differ from previous years so please read carefully.

To complete a new EPAF, go the Employee tab in BannerWeb and select "New Summer Student Hire" from the EPAF drop down menu.

  • You will need the name and ID number of each student who is being hired to work to create each EPAF.
  • The query date will default as today's date; changing it to the student's accurate start date will ensure that the correct information will default into the next steps. Summer student employment jobs should not begin before 5/02.
  • If the student will be working remotely outside the state of Virginia, you must also enter the city and state that the student will be working from in the EPAF Comments.
  • Fill out the EPAF as normal, including entering an accurate start date. Since these are summer only positions there is a termination date built into the EPAF. The default end date is 8/20, which is the end of the summer employment period but you may enter an earlier job end date if appropriate.
  • The EPAF will also require your department index number and an account number funding this position. Account 6312 is not available for funding summer student work, so you must use 6311. As usual, you will need to enter the index into the Labor Distribution section, and then click "Default from Index" before you enter the account code.
  • Please refer to Student Employment EPAF Guide for more information on completing EPAFs.

If you have any questions, please contact Caitie Hoeckele at (804) 289-8438 or by email at Caitie Hoeckele.