Summer Employment for Student Employees

The summer employment period for 2024 will run from May 5th through August 24th.

All open student jobs will remain open and at the student’s current pay rate during the summer unless the supervisor changes the rate. Students who resided on campus for the spring semester, are reasonably anticipated to return to campus in the fall and will be residing within the U.S. during the summer will no longer be considered working remotely during the summer. A separate EPAF does not need to be submitted if they are continuing to work in a role that began during the academic year.

Recent May graduates and upcoming August graduates may continue to work as students until the end of the last pay period before fall classes begin as long as they are US Citizens or Permanent Residents AND they are remaining in Virginia for the summer. May graduates who do not meet those stipulations, but would like to continue to work during the summer must be onboarded through HR and approved under the staff & faculty remote work policy. Graduating international students and exchange students cannot work as student employees after the last day of classes.

The Summer Student Worker EPAF will still be available this summer. We encourage its use if a student is being hired for summer-only work because (unlike the Standard Hourly Student Job EPAF) it includes a termination date.

Effective June 1, newly hired students should be directed to complete pre-employment paperwork through Human Resources instead of the Office of Financial Aid. This is notably one month prior to when management of the student employment program as a whole will shift to HR, but based on historical hiring volume, we hope this will result in the least amount of confusion for new student employees. Students hired for their first campus job to work during the summer must complete pre-employment paperwork in-person; specifically the I-9, which contains a federal requirement that we view their unexpired, original document(s) from the list of acceptable I-9 documents in person in order for their I-9 to be complete. If they will be working remotely, they will need to be sure to complete this documentation before they leave campus.

No Federal Work-Study (FWS)funds are earned by students in the summer. All existing FWS jobs will be switched over to the University Work Program (UWP)on May 5th and earnings will be charged to UWP (acct 6311).

If you have any summer jobs that need to be posted to the Student Employment website, please complete the online Job Posting form. If you have not yet submitted the job descriptions for active jobs in your department in the last 12 months, please do so using this form as well—you can indicate “no” if you are not currently hiring and it will not get posted to our website. Keeping those job descriptions on file is a federal requirement for our eligibility to receive FWS, so it is important that you continue to submit them regularly even if you are not currently hiring.

With regard to summer EPAFS:

  • Please refer to Student Employment EPAF Guide for more information on completing EPAFs.
  • There are no automatic increases to student hourly wage rates.
    • To change the student’s wage rate for the summer, you must submit a Change EPAF
    • Note that the wage rate change made for the summer will continue into the academic year unless the supervisor submits another Change EPAF to return to the academic year rate again.
  • If you have a new student employee with a start date on or after May 5, 2024 and the job is intended to be summer-only, use the Summer Worker EPAF, because it allows you to include a termination date.
  • If you have a new student employee with a start date on or after May 5, 2024 but the job is within the U.S. and is intended to continue the job into the next academic year, use the Standard Hourly Student Job EPAF.
  • If you have a student who will be returning to campus in the fall and working within the U.S. in the summer and they are already set up in Banner at the desired wage rate, you do not need to do anything.
  • If you have a student who will not be residing in the U.S. during the summer, or they will not be returning to campus as a student in the fall, they cannot work as a student employee.
  • Students are not allowed to work remotely outside the U.S. due to international tax law.

If you have any questions, please contact Caitie Hoeckele at (804) 289-8438 or by email at Caitie Hoeckele.