New Student Employees

Students who are U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents, have not previously worked on campus, and have secured a job offer must come to the Office of Financial Aid to complete the necessary forms in order to legally start work on campus.

International Students must complete their paperwork in the Office of International Taxation, once they have secured a job offer, in order to legally start work on campus. The steps necessary to be approved to work on campus are delineated at International Student Processing.

U.S. citizens must bring documents and complete the following packet of forms:

  • Employment Eligibility Verification - I-9 form
    • To complete the I-9 form, you must have secured a job on campus and you must present unexpired, original document(s) from the list of acceptable I-9 documents to prove that you can work in the U.S. Pick one document from column A OR a combination of one document from column B and column C. No copies or faxes are ever acceptable. Instructions for the I-9 form is available here.
  • State income tax form - VA-4
  • Federal income tax form - W-4

These forms are also available in the Financial Aid Office.

What do I need to do to start work on campus?

Step 1) Start getting your original document(s) that meet the I-9 requirements. You will need to bring these to the Office of Financial Aid.

Step 2) Complete the I-9 form, state tax form, and Federal Income Tax form.

Step 3) Bring the completed forms and your unexpired, original I-9 documents with you to the Office of Financial Aid.

Step 4) If you would like your paycheck direct deposited, you can sign up for Direct Deposit in one of two ways:

  • Visit the Payroll Office in Maryland Hall to complete a Direct Deposit Authorization OR
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit via Bannerweb
    • Log into BannerWeb
    • Navigate to Employee, Pay Information, Manage Direct Deposit Information
    • Follow instructions to enroll in Direct Deposit
    • Upon completion, you will receive an email notification from

Step 5) Once you are approved to work, you will receive a Release to Work form.

Step 6) Give the Release to Work form to your first supervisor to let them know you are now legal to work.

Note: Any job you get on-campus after this does not require the pre-employment paperwork or the Release to Work form. You can just tell your supervisor that you have worked on-campus before and they will know that you are able to start right away. (Your supervisor does need to do an EPAF to get your new position set up and into Banner though)

Step 7) Please review the Student Handbook before starting your first job.

Step 8) Start working, keeping track of your hours until Web Time Entry is available for you in Bannerweb.

What do I need to do to get paid?

It takes a couple days after you complete your pre-employment paperwork for your job to get set up in Banner. Once you are in the system, there will be a "Time Sheet" option under the Employee tab in your Bannerweb account. Instructions for entering your time can be found here: Web Time Entry Instructions.

You need to submit your time worked according to the Payroll Calendar. Time is due before 10am on the underlined Mondays.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 289-8438 if you have any questions about these or any related areas.

*(If you have worked on campus before, you don't need to do pre-employment paperwork again unless you have left the university and are returning.)